The Long Version

We don't like complicated price models. Unless you have exceptional data needs* we have an initial charge of £300. That covers installation and your first three months and up to 2 custom Eventbrite questions. There is then a flat fee of £80 per calendar month. That includes support and upgrades and testing. You can cancel any time after the first three months.

“What helps people, helps business.”
Leo Burnett

You might want the product customised to your specific needs. We charge for that. When you explain what you want, we will come up with a price quote. Then you pay the fee as above for ongoing usage. Simple!

 In summary:

  • £500 covers your first three months and initial set up
  • £150 per calendar month (from month 4)
  • No contract tie-ins
  • Talk to us for a pricing if your needs are more complex.

*By exceptional we mean that you expect to use multiple terabytes of data per month on a regular basis